The Ribbon

                                                                                                            gold leaf finish colour options

The Ribbon is a lighting sculpture which can be customised in shape and size to suit the project.

A single segment of the ribbon measures at 1.2m length if straightened. 

Each segment is fitted with 3 number flexible OLED panels on one side whilst the opposite solid side is finished with 24ct gold leaf. This double side design is created with an intention to bring out the reflections of light when multiple segments are interacting in the installation.



Handcrafted plastic resin.

Surface finished with 24ct - 22.5ct gold leaf. Various colors of Gold leaf finishes are available. 



As all the ribbons are custom and handmade, each one of the ribbons is in a unique shape.

Each ribbon unit contains 3 number 400x50mm flexible OLED panels.

Each ribbon unit would be 1.2m length if straightened.



Lamp: 400x50mm flexible OLED

–refer to OLED specification for further detail.

Lumen flux: 450lm per unit

Power consumption: 9W per unit.

Driver supplied with 110-240V input, 24v output, CE conformity mark.

Weight: approximate 0.6kg per unit.

OLED available in 3000k and 4000k.

Indoor installation only.